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It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to soundproof your home or tackle some other challenge, when it comes to the wonderful world of DIY, finding the perfect go-to source for inspiration and how to’s can be a minefield.  So, to help  you out, we grabbed our torches and searched the depths of the web to bring you a list of our top 10 to make things a little easier for you.

Whether you’re looking to get your creative juices flowing, jump into your next big building project, or simply looking to save some cash; here’s our top picks for the crafters, the grafters, and the savers.

Crafters – Blogs for the creative hobbyists.

1.) The Spruce

There’s only one thing that trumps inspiration when it comes to the world of DIY blogs; well organized inspiration, and the Spruce has this down to a beautiful art. Bundles of inspirational ideas right at your finger tips via their site’s handy explore feature, with categories in garden, crafts, decor, repair, and even pets!

Featuring projects from a top class editorial team, their aim is to give you real-life tips and inspiration to “create your best home”.

2.) A Beautiful Mess

A very energetic blog brought to you by the super impressive sister duo Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman. These girls love to live a “creative and sometimes messy” life style, and A Beautiful Mess will provide you with endless creative and messy ideas for your home, with a nice dash of humor too.

Attracting over a million views per month, a launch of their own cookbook, and online courses, this blog is hard to look away from.

3.) Vintage Revivals

Sometimes to really fall in love with a blog, you fall in love with its author, and it’s not hard to see why so many people have done just that following Vintage Revival’s Mandi. “Running on paint fumes and blind enthusiasm” mandi loves reviving old things to fit within a contemporary space.

4.) Homey Oh My

Homey Oh My features the crafty DIY musings of LA based Amy Kim. Amy has a love for minimal and Scandinavian styles, so if you’re one for the uncluttered sleek home finish, this blog’s for you.

A beautifully designed site with its stunning visual project gallery, inspiration strikes within seconds.

Grafters – Blogs for the visionary DIY project planners.

5.) Homemade Modern

Calling all you cool cats.. this one’s for you. The moment you land on Home Made Modern’s blog, you’d be forgiven for double checking the URL as images that would look at home in a contemporary art gallery fill your screen. But fear not, you’re in the right place, and with a bit of help from the Home Made Modern’s team those effortlessly cool designs could be in your home.

Featuring a very handy how-to video series, with an emphasis on good design using recyclable resources, you’ll likely never set foot in a designer furniture store again.

6.) Man Made DIY

Are you a modern gentleman unfamiliar with the workshop? Never fear, the guys from Man Made are here! DIY how to’s for the post modern male.

7.) Woodworking For Mere Mortals

Pre-warning – you have to dig a little for the DIY specific posts on this one, but its well worth the time. Within a few clicks you’ll be learning how to make wooden shelves and storage boxes, work tops, and even “masculine candles”.. who’d have thought!

Predominantly a much loved YouTube series of carpentry how-to’s presented by the brilliantly engaging Steve Ramsey.

This blog is absolutely jam packed with incredibly valuable how-to’s and project plans for all levels of carpentry taking you from a complete beginner right the way through to building Noah’s ark.

Savers – Blogs for the frugal folk.

8) The Budget Decorator

The Budget Decorator does exactly what it says on tin, with a focus on DIY home decoration.

Kathy the site’s editor, has a great writing style and focuses on those areas in the house which we all avoid because of the high costs, such as flooring for example, and she has some genius ideas on how to save some dollars. There’s even a very handy “design basics” section in the top menu.

9.) Dollar Store Crafts

Specializing in turning inexpensive materials into stylish and simple craft projects. This site has a community platform feel with users invited to submit their low cost craft ideas.

The key feature here is their convenient price tagging on each post letting you know how much it will cost to complete.

10.) Ikea Hackers

Everyone loves the affordable furniture at Ikea, and Ikea hackers brings together a wealth of ideas from a recent trend for customizing this furniture for some added originality.

Take note of the ideas section here, made especially for new comers to the world of Ikea hacking.

Take away

Home Soundproofing is just one of many great at home DIY jobs that you can tackle. We hope this list helps to inspire you with other ideas and techniques to improve your home.

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