Quick Look: Singer Safety Double Faced Quilted Fiberglass Panel

Singer Safety Quilted Fiberglass Panel

Do you live in a noisy neighborhood? If so, you are not alone. There is nothing more exasperating than a room flooded with continuous sound pollution at odd hours of the day and night. If endured long enough, such a racket can not only cause permanent damage to the ears, but also the mental state of anyone forced to endure the noise.

With proper sound insulation materials, you can easily turn your home from a miserable abode to a peaceful and calming refuge. One such sound insulating material that we’re looking at today is the Singer Safety Double Faced Quilted Fiberglass Panel.

Singer Safety Double Faced Quilted Fiberglass Panel: Is It a Good Sound Reduction Option?

The short answer is, yes, this product is an effective soundproofing material. And unlike many other options, it does not require a lot of customization. Though at the same time, it isn’t ideal for all applications.

Let’s first take a look at the product features.

Product features

  • This Quilted Fiberglass Panel is basically a sound dampening blanket that may be easily and conveniently attached to walls, doors, and windows.
  • This product comes equipped with bound hems and double nickel plated heavy brass grommets— 12″ O.C. on the top side and the 18″ O.C. along the side edges.
  • The product measurement is 4′ width x 8′ height x 2″ thickness.


  • The fiberglass panel has been designed to not just keep out noises, but also to keep them ‘in’ too, thereby making them the perfect product for rooms where a lot of noise is generated, such as sound studios, children’s nurseries, laundry rooms etc.
  • Installation of this product is easy. Just a few tack nails can help affix it to the desired location, especially if it’s a wall or a door, courtesy its double nickel plated heavy brass grommets. The quilt’s grommets are able to absorb the full weight of the product and ensure that it remains fastened to its location.
  • The product is made of highly absorbent material that can effectively soak up even the smallest of low pitched sounds easily enough. Once the product has been properly installed, an immediate and clearly discernible difference in sound levels can be experienced,
  • The absorbent material used in its construction is double-faced and two inches thick. This means that it will easily be able to absorb all kinds of sounds better than many other competitive products.


  • The product cannot be used in rooms where you may have to entertain guests. Since it’s essentially a large blanket, hanging it in a living room can have a negative effect on the overall interior decor design.
  • Since it’s available in a specific size only, it won’t be able to cover the various nooks and crannies of the room.
  • The quilted fiberglass panel won’t eliminate all the noises. You must use it in combination with other noise insulation materials to completely sound proof the rooms.

Final Thoughts

There’s no denying that the Singer Safety Double Faced Quilted Fiberglass Panel has excellent sound absorbing qualities. The product will work well as a sound suppressor in noisy rooms such as a laundry room or a nursery, where it can be placed on the door and windows to absorb a lot of noise emanating from those rooms. While the product won’t completely eliminate all the noises, it can effectively dampen the noise so that you won’t be startled by sudden loud noises outside.

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