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Our Favorite Articles of 2017

Favorite Articles of 2017

The end of 2017 is almost here, but before we get started with 2018, we wanted to share a few of our favorite articles from 2017.

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1. Is Your Noisy Neighborhood Slowly Killing You? by Mother Jones

This amazing article digs into the science behind what noisy environments can do to your health. It was also one of the inspiration behind the creation of this blog.

A healthy soundscape, James says, “is not a wishy-washy amenity. It’s a potential public health factor we need to understand to make sure everyone has the same opportunities.” Smyth offers this advice: “We should think about soundscapes as medicine,” he told me. “It’s like a pill. You can prescribe sounds or a walk in the park in much the way we prescribe exercise. Do it 20 minutes a day as a lifetime approach—or you can do it as an acute stress intervention. When you’re stressed, go to a quiet place.” I’m ready.

2. How to Protect Baby’s Hearing by

The real danger may be in your child’s own playroom. Some really rattling rattles and shrieking squeaky toys exceed 100 decibels (dB), according to a study done in the United Kingdom.

3. Can where you live impact your hearing? by Audio Clinic

According to a joint study between Charite University and a hearing technology company, the place you call home could play a vital role in whether or not you have hearing loss.

4. How to Create Quiet Spaces in Your Home by Huffington Post

There’s a reason we call a busy design “noisy.” In the world of home decor, “quiet” and “minimal” can often go hand and hand. While there’s been many an article written on the valors of decluttering, you don’t necessarily need to go along with serious devotees who take the practice to extremes.

From Our Blog: Our Personal Favorites

5. Top Noise Cancelling Headphones for Babies and Kids by AQuietHouse

This one was personal for us. When you start to understand the science behind the damage excessive noise can do to unprotected developing ears, it becomes a must purchase item.

Babies are more sensitive to noise because the sound is amplified when the ear canals are still narrow and developing. Babies can hear as much as 20 decibels louder than a full grown adult, so they become more susceptible to hearing impairment.

6. The Reality of Soundproof Curtains by AQuietHouse

When you first get started in home soundproofing, it’s inevitable that you’ll come across someone recomendeding soundproofing curtains or some ad telling touting their particular brand. It was actually the first sound proofing technique that we tried so it was a pleasure to really dig into the topic, cut through the marketing and hype to focus on how effective these curtains really are.

Using soundproof curtains alone won't completely block the noise. You need to use other methods to completely soundproof the home or office.Click To Tweet


7. The Best White Noise Machines For A Good Nights Sleep by AQuietHouse

Ahh the joys of sleep. In this crazy go go go world, you have to do everything you can to get a good nights sleep and ensure proper recovery. The science is clear, getting consistent rest can help keep your weight under control, increase concentration, improve your immune system, help fight depression, and reduce your risk for a heart attack or stroke.

8. How to Soundproof a Home Office by AQuietHouse

In the digital age, the home office has become common place. But everything about the design of your office, can impact your productivity. So as DIY Home Soundproofing aficionados, we loved tackling this one. Plus it gave us a chance to increase our own personal productivity!

Wrap Up

That brings to a close our favorite articles from 2017. We have exciting things planned for 2018 as we will be striving to increase our publishing schedule and do a deeper dive into some of the projects you may want to try to sound proof your homes. With that, we bid you adieu until 2018. May your New Year be filled with happiness, love, and quiet homes!

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