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In our efforts to soundproof our homes, we tried a lot of strategies and products. Some of these worked great, while others failed to live up to the hype. Now we’re sharing brief reviews of the products and hopefully giving you a real word perspective of how they may work for you.


The Best Quiet Fans for 2018

Sleeping in hot temperatures is almost impossible. You sweat uncontrollably and toss and turn almost the whole night only to wake up tired. Compounding the problem, you don’t want to trade one...


Best Headphones and Earbuds for Sleeping

Why would anyone wear headphones or earbuds to bed? Well, apart from the fact that we are all different, so many things, including the presence or absence of sound, can deprive us of sleep. Some of...

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The Reality Of Soundproof Curtains

Remember that you are not at the mercy of noise. Don’t let it dictate your life. If the outside noise is creating a stressful situation, you should respond to the noise source. No, this does...

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