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As you get into DIY Home Soundproofing, you’ll likely encounter a lot of questions. How do you tackle a particular problem? What strategy will work best? Here we hope to answer many of these questions and hopefully make your efforts to soundproof your own home a little easier.

Q&A Soundproofing 101

How To Soundproof A Window

Is the traffic noise outside keeping you awake all night? Are you troubled by the neighbors’ dog barking at night? Are you nodding off at your desk due to another sleepless night as you read...

Q&A Soundproofing 101

How To Soundproof A Home Office

The latest statistics show that 55 million Americans consider their home to be their office. No, this doesn’t mean that Americans are going mad due to overwork. It means that a radical shift is...

Q&A Reviews

The Reality Of Soundproof Curtains

Remember that you are not at the mercy of noise. Don’t let it dictate your life. If the outside noise is creating a stressful situation, you should respond to the noise source. No, this does...

Q&A Soundproofing 101

How To Soundproof A Baby’s Room

Can there ever be a sight even remotely as angelic as a sleeping newborn baby? And then they wake up and start bawling their wee little heads off. This is why it is absolutely essential to create a...

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