Quick Look: A2S Protection Acoustic Foam Panels

A2S Protection Acoustic Foam Panels

Do you think noise pollution is a big problem in your area?

If yes, then you need to do something about it. A home should ideally be an oasis of calm. However, outside noise can turn it into a living nightmare. One effective way you can combat noise is by installing a high-quality acoustic foam.

Today, we will take a look at the A2S Acoustic Foam Panels that can be used for home and studio sound insulation.

Product Features

A2S Protection Acoustic Foam Panels are suitable for soundproofing different areas of a room. They are made of a high-quality insulating material that can mitigate echoes and reverberations in all rooms. The acoustic foam panels come in the size of 12 X 12 X 2 inches. Unlike many other acoustic wall panels, they do not require extensive care. In fact, a simple dust vacuuming once a month or so can easily get the job done. The foam acoustic panels are also fire resistant.

Note: After purchasing these panels, it is important to leave them open for at least three full days before installation. This is due to the fact that the product comes compressed so as to reduce the overall shipping cost. It will regain its original size and shape after being exposed to room temperature for the stipulated amount of time.


  • The foam panels can easily mitigate flutter echoes and reverberating noises in any room where they are installed.
  • The sound dampening wall panels offer all-around protection and can be applied to walls floors, ceilings and even doors and windows.
  • The panels retain their shape for a long time. They remain perfectly aligned with each other providing excellent insulation.
  • They can be an ideal sound dampening fixture in control rooms, recording studios, podcast rooms, and even vocal booths.


  • The foam panels do not eliminate the noise completely. You should use them in combination with other soundproofing materials for this purpose.
  • Another issue with this product is that the panels won’t insulate the room properly until they have been placed in ‘precisely’ the right spots. That is no gap should be left unsealed. If the panels are improperly placed, they won’t effectively absorb the sound. This will result in inefficient soundproofing of the room.

Final Thoughts

It’s clear that the A2S Protection Acoustic Foam Panels are capable of decreasing ambient sound levels to a great extent. But they can’t completely soundproof the rooms. For maximum noise reduction, you should use them in combination with other noise dampening materials such double paned windows, bass traps, and blackout curtains. Also, you can achieve better noise reduction by using plasterboard to create an extra wall partition and placing them inside.

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When properly installed, the foam panels do an excellent job of reducing reverberations and sound returns. This makes them ideal for use in rehearsal and recording studios as they can improve the acoustics in the music rooms.

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