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The Reality Of Soundproof Curtains

Soundproof Curtains

Remember that you are not at the mercy of noise. Don’t let it dictate your life. If the outside noise is creating a stressful situation, you should respond to the noise source.

No, this does not mean attacking the dog, cat, or your neighbor who is making the noise at night. This is not GTA; this is the real world.

What I really mean by responding to the noise problem is to identify the noise sources, and take action to block the noise.

Of the many different noise blocking techniques, the one method that you would have most likely stumbled across while searching online is using soundproofing curtains.

But do soundproofing curtains really work? Are they effective in completely blocking the noise?

Let’s dig in to find out the answer.

A Close Look at Soundproof Curtains

The first thing you should remember is that there is no such thing as true soundproof curtains.

Companies use the term ‘soundproof curtains’ with their products as a marketing gimmick, just like the term ‘American Dream’ has been used so successfully and for so long to catch the general public hook, line, and sinker.

There is no such things as true soundproof curtains. It's just a marketing gimmick.Click To Tweet

The reality is that sound proof curtains only dampen the noise. They don’t completely soundproof the room. If you buy a soundproof curtain in the hope that they will completely block all the noise, then you will be disappointed.

To avoid the confusion, ‘soundproof curtains’ can be better named as ‘sound dampening curtains’ or ‘sound reduction curtains’. However, I am sure if I were the marketing personnel of one of the so-called ‘sound proof’ curtains’ manufacturing companies, and had proposed this strategy to the board, they would have certainly thrown me out of the window.

Another thing you should swallow about such curtains is the fact that not all curtains that are marketed as being ‘soundproof’ are actually effective. Some are in fact, nothing more than standard curtains.

So, how can you know that the “sound dampening” curtains are effective?

Before you purchase curtains, you should consider the width, height, weight, style, and material of the curtains. All of these factors determine the sound reduction properties of the curtains.

The more the weight of the curtains, the more will be the sound blocking capabilities. In addition, the width and height of the curtains determine how effectively they can block the noise.

So, truly effective “sound dampening” curtains are made of tightly woven, heavy-weight material. You should look for layered curtains since the extra lining makes them more effective in blocking the noise. Also, the curtains must go past several inches at each side of the window. This is important to ensure that the folds of the curtain seal the sides thereby blocking the noise.

One set of curtains that I recommend are the Moondream soundproof curtains . The curtains are made of a heavy fabric that genuinely reduces the noise levels. What I liked best about the curtains is that they can be easily adjusted according to the height of the window.

Another set of soundproof curtains that I suggest you try are the Residential Acoustics soundproof blackout curtains. The patented acoustic curtains are claimed by the customers to reduce up to 30 percent of all noise coming from the window. I’m not sure about the exact level of noise reduction but it was noticeable. Even if you can reduce noise levels by 25%, it’s a pretty good reduction for the cost of a set of curtains.

Our Final Thoughts on Sound Dampening Curtains

I hope it is now clear how soundproofing (actually sound dampening) curtains work in reducing the noise. Quality curtains significantly reduce the outside noise. Not only that, they are also able to block out light and allow you to sleep easily even during broad daylight. In addition, quality ‘sound dampening’ curtains block the cold drafts thereby keeping the rooms warm during winter.

Having said that, you should keep in mind that using these curtains alone won’t completely block the noise. You need to use other methods to completely soundproof the home or office.

Using soundproof curtains alone won't completely block the noise. You need to use other methods to completely soundproof the home or office.Click To Tweet

I personally recommend installing double-pane windows and sound-blocking thermal blankets if you need to block most of the noise coming from the windows. This is how you can actually ‘soundproof’ a window.

Some people will find that the noise reduction quality of the soundproof curtains is more than enough allowing them to continue with their lives without getting flustered by the noise.

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